Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!

Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!
Me still in England!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Why I am still a vegetarian!

Today I went with Iffy and what a difference shopping is with a Nigerian! She helped me get everything about a third of the prive I paid last time! In the first picture the woman is chopping Iffy's meat into junks on an old wheel hub! The flies are everywhere and there is a strong smell of rotting flesh. It is very dusty and dirty and really noisy. Cars and bikes aslo drive through the narrow gaps between the stalls.This woman is selling dried fish which are twisted onto sticks.

 Here we have fish bones for making stock-again flies are free!

It is very crowded and noisy but everyone is friendly and eager for me to buy. Iffy is brilliant at bargaining. She says things like," I know there are lots of carrots around so don't try to cheat me" and "Put some more in there". I am learning fast!

I now get to the vegetables which is a relief and start buying!

Tomatoes and peppers are everywhere. Small children want me to buy carrier bags.

Oh! Oh! Iffy needs to buy skin so time to be brave again!
These pictures do not do justice to the market experience but hopefully convey some of the atmosphere.
I go away with beans, tomato paste, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions at a fraction of the price I payed last time. Thanks Iffy!

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