Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!

Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!
Me still in England!

Friday, 25 November 2011

At Lucy's

We had such a nice time at Lucy’s. It was so nice to be with other volunteers. We enjoyed great meals in the garden. Vonnie and I made the best salad and Irish garlic bread of course but we also had pounded yam with okra soup which we pounded ourselves. Lucy and Laurence had been keeping a goat so I stayed well away from the slaughter area but Lea said it tasted good. She has got another one for Christmas. The guards were very pleased to be given the head to eat!
In the garden the hammock was in much demand. There were lots of nice shady places to sit which was good as it was much hotter there than it is here. Harmattan has started there so it was cooler at night.
We also got to meet two German students who have done a lot of work with the Almajirai children and showed us a dvd the children had made themselves. These are Muslim children who beg on the streets. After seeing the dvd I understood a lot more and realised they didn’t need my pity but wanted respect for what they were doing. They are sent to the Koranic schools  by their parents and have to beg to provide money for their food. They are treated very badly but are proud that they support themselves. They spend many hours learning and reciting the Koran. If they get it wrong they get beaten by the Mallam (teacher of the Koran) who believes the more beatings he gives the more rewards he will get.
It is much quieter in Dutse and it was nice to walk about without being shouted at! We went to the market and got some really pretty cloth. Things are cheaper there too. The rocks were very interesting and good to walk to and up, although I didn’t get very far-my shoes were too slippy!

Sitting in the secret garden. It was so quiet here after the noise of Ilorin!
Lea enjoying a well earned snooze!
I even got a free drumming lesson!
Thank you Lucy for sharing your house with us all.

Seen in Dutse along with bicycles and a lovely slower pace of life!

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