Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!

Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!
Me still in England!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Training in Abuja

Yes, here I am back in Nigeria! I spent a week training teachers at Springhall British School in Abuja. It was very different from my previous trainings in public schools! I was made very welcome and it was a rewarding experience. I was asked to give training on the British Literacy and Numeracy frameworks. The following week I flew to Ilorin to buy books for the 'Books for Kwara' appeal.
Here are photos from the Jolly Phonics training session. They loved the 'long a' snails!

The split digraph glasses were a hit too.

The whiteboard software was also enjoyed and has been ordered!

On the 'nice' web they posted comments on the training!

There wasn't much time for sitting around!
I was really looked after. On the Wednesday I lost my passport! I had been to the MTN office in the Hilton Hotel to register a sim card at 1.30. At 10.30 I discovered I did not have my passport and the last time I had seen it was when It was in the scanning machine at the MTN office! David, the head teacher's husband, was wonderful and drove me to the Hilton. I was told no-one had seen it but I persuaded them to let me look in the MTN office. I lifted the lid of the scanner and there it was!!!

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