Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!

Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!
Me still in England!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Extra-curricular activities!

Cricket and Burns night!
Yes, we really did both! It is now extremely hot again. Neppa has not been a good friend-mainly coming on during the day when we are out and staying off during the night when we are sweating in bed! After more trouble with the fuse box-even the electrician got a shock this time!-we now have new fuses. When Neppa is on for some reason it likes to change the line it is using so we have to try the fuses in new positions! Great activity at 2am-even more rewarding when you get up and realise you are wasting your time because no-one has Neppa! Then it is decision time –do I sweat or open the window and listen to the noisy generator and breathe the petrol fumes??? We are planning to add to the fumes soon with our own generator. We can get a small one to operate the ceiling fan for about £50.
So Saturday and a fruitless journey to the Glo shop-yes the modem has decided to stop working so I am doing this offline and will post in the office! They couldn’t teat the modem because no-one had brought any laptops in! However we did get to the wonderful Ostrich bakery and bought their delicious bread and sat and ate a coconut cake thing. In the taxi the man next to me told me he was  vet and would like to give me a dog!
Later we went to Sue’s where Andrea and Harold were busy preparing the cricket afternoon. They made egg sandwiches for half time and then we were ready to start. Funmi, Gbenga, Bike and Alhaji Woru  from the office came and Kenneth and Judith, Iffy’s children. In the boiling heat Harold explained the LBW rule and other technicalities which we were later tested on and then provided us with a comprehensive training session. My bowling skills leave a lot to be desired and I only got two runs but we are confident that we will improve and hope to take on the ministry soon! After our break we then had a match-Fumni and Kenneth are definitely our stars! Running in sweaty sandals is a feat in itself-pun intended!
After a very short rest it was time to get ready for Burns night. All due protocol was observed-Scottish music, prayer, welcome for the haggis and even a poem! A small whisky and champagne were of course compulsory! Andrea had even got a vegetarian haggis for me and we had mashed carrots and potatoes. After the meal we released a Chinese lantern and how great that was! Life doesn’t come much more bizarre than this! I am in Nigeria, celebrating Burns night and watching a Chinese Lantern disappear into the night!

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