Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!

Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!
Me still in England!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Training, Birthday Cakes and Storms

We have just done training with the SSIT, Oro and people from SUBEB. It went well and a lot of work was done but it was also great fun! The funniest bit was the energiser I did with them where they had to pretend to be penguins being captured by flamingos-and they did! They are such good fun and really join in with everything with such enthusiasm. We asked them to devise a strategy for the 4-6 training for literacy and numeracy and gave them a variety of shapes to put their ideas on. They immediately set to work-discussing ideas in groups, making notes and then presented their ideas in really innovative ways. I wish I could take just a small percentage of their enthusiasm back to the UK.
We got to experience our first Tropical storm on Friday as we were walking home. It was fantastic! The heavens just opened, thunder and lightening flashed across the sky and it lashed down. We were about to go to the vegetable shop so we dashed in there for cover. They were very kind and tried to dry a bench for me to sit on. They tried to cover their goods with sacking but very soon the floor was deep in muddy water. The poor lady next to them had to rush out to rescue her jugs of motor oil. When it was clear it was not going to stop soon we had to venture out. Head down against the torrent of rain I literally paddled up Old Cemetry Road! My clothes were soaked through and for the first time I felt cool-great! Next day the mud and water had all gone-dried up quickly in the heat-which has increase and is now in the 40s mostly. My trainers are still drying though-two days later!
I have also been busy cooking. I made a cake for Obi’s birthday which Lea decorated! As you can see from the photos it is a Liverpool cake-good job Obi’s mum, our team leader supports Liverpool. Meg and Meysha helped to make it and we had a lot of fun last weekend. This weekend I made garden egg curry. Garden eggs are a sort of fruit but a bit like a cucumber only round!  We had to grate coconut for the curry and add plantains-It was very nice anyway. We also had sugar cane which is very refreshing and sweet. Mangoes are just coming in season now and avocado pears which are really tasty.
We have had a great weekend mostly with Sue and her girls. We went to the lake again which is a lovely spot. The cashew nuts look nearly ripe in the trees. I got a shock though this morning when I went to have a shower and a gecko popped up out of the plug hole. Needless to say I screamed and ran out!
We also met up with another VSO from Kaduna called Jenny and Sandra and Helen from Save the Children and it was great to talk to them. Finally got to have a swim again today-my old joints are seizing up from lack of exercise. I am trying with the Pilates but it is really difficult in the heat and sometimes I only manage a few minutes.
Neppa is trying to come on! It has started to play tricks on us-going off then coming back on as soon as we light the candles!

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