Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!

Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!
Me still in England!

Saturday, 25 December 2010


Merry Christmas everyone. Feels very strange here and a bit isolated. Most of my colleagues have been on leave for the last week and gone to their villages to be with family. I have continued going into the office to  editi the lesson plans and Lea has come with me but I am having a bit of a break now as the office is closed until Jan 4th. I did get to visit another school with Jegede which I really enjoyed-especially when she took the lesson herself-think OFSTED could learn something from that! Would be great to see them doing a model lesson after being observed!
 People here don't really do presents but give food and get new clothes at Christmas. In particular the women have their hair done-mainly extensions-have been tempted but think I may just use the Clairol dye I bought with me. My bargaining skills are greatly improved and I am getting better at shopping I think. We have just had a roast dinner with most of the trimmings! I got a chicken for Lea from the Kwara hotel-it was frozen! I decided if he wanted a fresh one then he could go and bargain for one of the live chickens I have seen in cages, watch while they kill it and then pluck it himself! I also used money I had saved to get a big piece of cheese, some chocolate, chocky biscuits and decaffeinated coffee. So we had chicken and bean burger for me with potaoes, carrots and cabbage and banana cake for pud! Couldn't manage gravy! Washed down with the bottle of wine left by Lilian, listening to Skye news!
After we went for a walk to our own house and visited our neighbours. I took sweets and some fairy cakes I had made for the children. We were made very welcome and I tried 'chin chin' which is little pieces of dough with nutmeg and very nice-Oozo gave me a load to take back which I can't stop eating now!
I learned that sightseeing isn't really a Nigerian thing as it was pointed out that thoughts are mainly on ensuring they have enough food to eat and then getting clothes. Most people stay in on Christmas day and visit tomorrow. The girls at the egg shop were very pleased to see us as well and we are making friends with another neighbour who is keen to come home with us! We found out a bit more about the political situation which is very complicated-don't know what will happen during the elections but Ante said last time it was safer to stay indoors as there was a lot of kidnapping.
We are now back in the comfort of Sue's house enjoying the generator. I wish this colder weather would come. Harmattan doesn't seem to have arrived yet. Locals say it is colder now-it is a bit first thing-but it soon gets to 37 again.
Was great to speak to family and friends today even though SKYPE is a bit fuzzy and very delayed. We may get a bus and venture further afield next week. We went for a swim yesterday and almost had the pool yo ourselves! Am missing everyone loads but not the freezing weather I can see on the TV!

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  1. lovely to speak to you too... we will make up Christmas when you return. I would much rather the warmer weather where you are. i think Dad should def buy a live chicken and pluck it, you can take photos, I would like to see that!!