Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!

Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!
Me still in England!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Quite a week!

Busy, busy, busy but some amazing experiences! On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  it was School Development Planning training for the SSIT. Lilian was doing this and I was asked to assist and do a couple of the sessions. It was a really good experience. First we went over the School Self Evaluation -much more straightforward here! It's a really big step that they are starting this here and it is leading on to a school development plan that has to be agreed by the School Based Management Committee and the parents. Kwara is leading the way with Literacy and Numeracy and now needs to catch up with the other states in this area. Lilian is a brilliant trainer and I learnt a lot from here. The SSIT are great to train and we all did really well especially as there was no air conditioning and when the fans eventually came on they made a horrible noise. The SSIT now need to train another team of people who will go out and train the headteachers and SBMCs. On Tuesday we had to stop after lunch and go to the ministry where there was a big ceremony. Funds have been found to give all the School Support Officers in the state motor bikes so they can visit even the most rural and remote schools so there was a big ceremony as they were handed over. Awards were also given to the best teacher and there were science and maths kits for schools. The deputy governor and the comissioner were there complete with body guards and red carpet and I was with the ESSPIN team sitting behind them. So much has been achieved in such a short time. The next day another group gave them all helmets which was great too.In the evening it was the staff Christmas party complete with agenda! Yes, really-we had speeches and quizes and I was touched to be mentioned in one of the speeches and then had to go and make a speech myself! Later in the week there was a party with the SSIT which was great too. I felt quite choked when Philip said how well I had fitted in and how they appreciated the work I was doing with them. They had even organised special veggie food for me-moinme (sort of spicy bean thing but very nice!). On Thursday I had to go to Offa for a meeting at a hotel. We stopped to get okaro-which is deep fried beans and my favourite Nigerian food. On the way back we stopped to buy white sweet potatoes which Offa is famous for and Katherine got me a paw paw which I also like! On Friday I had another meeting-I am now on a sub-committee for the operational framework for the in-service and advisory policy!!!!
Yesterday I finally braved the hospital and had my B12 injection. The doctor was great and said as I was a foreigner he would give it to me himself. Everywhere was very clean so I felt okay only- problem was we were completely ripped off by the taxi driver. Fumni said 10 could have gone for the price we paid. Anyway we cheered ourselves up with a kitkat and a fanta! Earlier in the week I actually acquired my bank card! I had to sign two huge log books and more forms plus I mananged to get stuck in the security door but yes I can now access my living allowance!
We have moved into Sue's house while she is on leave and are enjoying air conditioning and hot showers and tv!!! Seems mad to be watching 'Who wants to be a millionnaire' here. Sadly Jayne, our flat mate has left and gone back to Kenya as things didn't turn out too well for her so we are the only volunteers in Kwara now. I will upload some photos when I am in the office. I am out visiting a school on Monday which I really enjoy.
This week I also made bean burgers with the VSO recipe book. It is still hot but has been a bit cooler at night and we are all waiting for the harmattan wind which will bring cooler weather and loads of dust! NEPPA has been very poor so I am very glad we are here. We had the bets night's sleep last night.

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