Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!

Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!
Me still in England!

Sunday, 5 December 2010


It has been another busy week. I did my first training with the SSIT which I think was okay and I also gave some help on the use of the number line. I really enjoyed being with them-it was quite lively at times but good fun too. Yesterday (Saturday) we took a taxi down Taiwo Road. The driver was quite chatty and asked us if we were missionaries! When we explained what we were doing he told us the real price of the taxi for our return which was useful. Our aim was to renew the Glo subscription but the shop was not open yet so we walked down the road and found an interesting gift shop where we bought a few Christmas presents. Next door was a cafe where we bought a scone! Yes a real scone-no butter but washed down well with Fanta and only cost 60n. Back to the Glo shop and I was greeted with, "you were very angry last time". However when I explained that it now worked and I was not here to complain we got our new subscription and instructions on how to install. As we were now on a roll we decided to walk back(in full sun in true Brit style) and look for speakers for our laptop. After several forrays into dark interiors we were directed into another shop and shown some speakers but they were 5000n (£20). I explained we were only prepared to pay 3000n and after much haggling the owner, apparently a devout Christian who trusted us and wanted us to have it agreed on 3500 without a receipt. They work!!!!
We then found Gomalez-a 'department store' where we bought some funny little gifts for our grandsons. Shattered by now and fed up with near-death experiences with bikes and taxis we got a taxi to Martrite where amazingly I found white sugar.
I was now able to make my contribution for the party we had been invited to that evening. Apples are in good supply so I made apple crumble and even found custard powder-although the custard was rather lumpy! We really enjoyed meeting up with everyone at the party and Lea got to eat chicken and goat! I enjoyed the vegetable curry!
Today Sue took us to the lake in the university which is so lovely. It is set in the countryside and really great to breathe fresh air and be in such a peaceful setting. We saw egrets and heard some very loud toads. We will definitely go there again.
Other good news has been that I have been able to open a bank account this week thanks to Yejide in the office.

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