Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!

Me at Lucy's Wedding. The sun does shine in England!
Me still in England!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Playing. Thank you St Mary's Eastham!

On Saturday we took the raminder of the toys to Hope Orphanage. They were very pleased to see us as usual and there was bit of a struggle as they all wanted to sit on my lap at once! Thank you to all the kind people who enabled me to buy toys and food.
Here baby Peace is sitting on one of the little chairs my neighbour helped me to buy. He is looking in wonder at the hopper we bought from England!
Lea taught Segun how to kick the ball in the net!
Here they are playing with the plastic bricks, thick crayons and drawing books which again, I bought here.
They loved the books too especially 'How much do I love you'.
They like playing at the little tables which Funmi helped me to buy.  
These photos show them learning how to crawl through the tunnels! Lea and I are trying to show the helpers how to play with them as this is something, sadly they are not used to. I also used the money raised to buy Pampers nappies and Nan 1 milk. See previous blog for photos of the babies. I still have some money left and will use that for food on my next visit. One little boy asked me where the cake was in such a lovely way I just have to take some more. As babies are appearing all the time I think they rerally need the milk and nappies. I hope everyone who contributed is happy with the way I have spent the money. I hope to go back a few more times to continue to model 'playing' and hopefully the staff will see how it can make their job more easy!

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